Power Up!

A photo of the performers of Fog Theatre gathered closely together, each expressing, facing and positioning their bodies in different ways. Overlaying the group, is the sweeping brushstroke-like colour effect that veils the group, making them appear other-worldly.  Photo by Sarah Walker.

Get Ready. Surprise Yourself. Power Up!

Power Up! is an energising performance video and soundtrack that moves us all towards increasing connection, getting out and about again, and coming back to the stage.

Deeply immersive and engaging, Power Up! combines bold artistic elements with movement, music and voice to shift the viewer’s energy from isolation and separation towards expansion, fun, and renewed creative connection.

Led by Artistic Director Nilgun Guven with video artist Kate Geck, Power Up! showcases the performances, artworks and voices of Fog Theatre Ensemble that combine the evocative language of the theatre and personal reflections.

Three distinct versions of the work have been produced: a captioned video work, an audio-described video work and an audio-only version. Along with these works, you will also find a transcript of the captioned video version, and transcript of the audio described video version.

Experience it now at: https://artswellbeingcollective.com.au/resources/power-up/

Read the Arts Wellbeing Collective’s online journal Spotlight, who chatted with members of the Fog Ensemble about what they do to look after their mental health and wellbeing, how they support each other, how they devise work, and what performing means to them.

Link here: https://artswellbeingcollective.com.au/resources/power-up-fog-theatre-on-wellbeing/

Spotlight also chatted with lead artist Nilgun Guven and collaborating video-artist Kate Geck. You can read their interview here: https://artswellbeingcollective.com.au/resources/the-love-in-the-squares-creating-power-up/

Produced by Vitae Veritas and the Arts Wellbeing Collective, Power Up! was made in the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices of the performers and creatives during 2020 and 2021.

Header image by Sarah Walker. 

Image description: A photo of the performers of Fog Theatre gathered closely together, each facing and moving their bodies in different ways. Overlaying the image is a broad brushstroke-like colour effect that creates a veil over the group, making them appear other-worldly.

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